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      ECOFR LED Lighting Ltd was established in May 2010 by a group of LED lighting professionals with many years of experience in the field. After many years holding senior positions within the LED industry the Directors decided to provide a fresh approach providing consumers with high quality products to meet market needs.

      Utilizing our large team of experts and dedicated engineers and working with highly skilled factory staff, ECOFR LED Lighting proudly produces high demand and high quality products. Through in depth innovative research and collaboration with clients and end users provides ECOFR LED with a fresh and deep understanding of market needs..

      copyright@2014  Ecofr LED Lighting Co.Ltd
      Address:Guan Ying Industrial District, Waihai Town, Jiangmen City
      Tel:0750-3776767 Fax:0750-3776768 Email:william@ecofrled.com
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